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2018-2019 Applications now open.


Yeshiva Preparatory

We are focused on preparing all of our students for lifelong Torah learning and a meaningful commitment to Jewish life once they graduate. As a Yeshiva preparatory school we accomplish this goal through personalized Torah study, inspiring shabbatonim and programs, a strong connection with Rebbeim and the supportive guidance in the pursuit of Torah study in Eretz Yisroel after High School.


College Preparatory

Our students are challenged with a rigorous and relevant curriculum, while given the academic freedom to discover intellectual and personal passions. Taught by a highly skilled team of educators, our students are instilled with a desire for a lifelong pursuit of knowledge and meaningful application of that knowledge to the world around them. It is for these reasons our students are prepared for and accepted to the top Universities across the country.


Life Preparatory

We are committed to developing the full potential of all of our students. We foster an educational environment that encourages critical thinking, creativity, inspires confidence, builds life and leadership skills and nurtures the intellectual, social and spiritual development of our students so that they are prepared for our ever changing world. Our students graduate prepared to be successful leaders in the Jewish and Global community.

Affiliated with the Jewish Federation of Los Angeles


Open House

Join us for our Open House where you can hear all about the great things happening at Valley Torah, meet our staff, try out some classes and see if VTHS is the right school for you. Click here for more info


The admission process begins with applying to the school. This begins the process of taking your entrance exam, being interviewed and a decision made on your attendance at VTHS. Click here for more info

Entrance Exam

Student interested in attending VTHS for the fall take an entrance exam that assesses their skills and readiness for the high quality of learning that occurs at VTHS. Click here for more info


Yeshiva Guidance

The goals of Yeshiva Guidance at Valley Torah are helping all of our students find the right Yeshiva that meets their personal interests and learning goals, while working with them in their application process and preparation for a year or more abroad. We are committed to assisting our students in finding a Yeshiva that is the best fit, both hashkafically and academically.

College Guidance

The goals of the college guidance process at Valley Torah are to help students identify, apply, and secure admission to colleges and universities that will meet their needs, nurture their talents and interests, support their commitment to Judaism and Torah learning, appropriately challenge them and continue their growth as positive Jewish leaders. Equally as important is the development of decision-making skills, which allow students to successfully engage in and effectively own this process. The College Guidance Office provides timely information, counseling and support to help each student develop the necessary skills to complete each phase of the college process successfully.

Building a Legacy of Leadership

Valley Torah students are ones of high character and strong middos. This is not something that happens by chance and results from a combination of our wonderful families, dedicated Rebbem and teachers, the students themselves and a Jewish hashkafah focused on the highest of values. In 2014, we embarked on building on this through an innovative, school-wide approach to increasing valuable leadership skills among our students and staff so that our students are well prepared for the ever-changing world we live in.

Partnering with FranklinCovey Education, we have adopted the LEAD framework which is based on the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and has been shown to positively impact student culture, staff collaboration and academic growth. The LEAD framework equips students with the self-confidence and skills they need to thrive in the 21st century economy. We at VTHS are focused on utilizes the the seven habits in developing a culture of leadership and supporting our students in being leaders of their own lives. In the end, our goal is helping each and every one of our students identify their own unique talents and abilities and encourage them to make a positive difference in the world.


The VTHS Wolfpack

Valley Torah High School understands the importance of athletics and the role it plays in enriching the academic and adolescent experience of its students. Athletics is integral to every student’s growth providing a platform to learn necessary life skills. Valley Torah High School offers multiple sports that compete on various levels. We are always seeking avenues to expand and improve our athletic department in order to foster a life-long commitment to health and fitness. We encourage students to participate in athletics and field highly competitive teams. We are the ONLY Jewish school in California to win a CIF championship and to have a John R. Wooden Player of the Year award winner. Our athletic department values commitment, sacrifice, leadership, hard-work, and discipline while also promoting proper Torah values. Student-Athletes are seen as ambassadors of the school, and therefore, are held to a higher academic and character standards.

Go Wolfpack!


Campus Clubs

VTHS offers a rich co-curricular program that is filled with student and teacher facilitated clubs. These clubs enable students to nurture their strengths and interests, as well as discover new talents and passions. The clubs run the gamut of student interest and consist of debate, mock trial, journalism, skateboarding, fitness, guitar, chess, graphic design, AIPAC, Aerial Robotics and more! All students are encouraged to get involved in one or more co-curricular activities so that they can expand their horizons and make new friends. Clubs offered are determined by student interest and guided by faculty members.

Torah Clubs

Torah Clubs are what make up Valley Torahs inspirational Mishmar program. Every week students remain on campus after school for a unique Torah learning experience focused on their personal Torah interests. Torah clubs range from in-depth Gemara opportunities to creative design of Jewish articles. Our goal with Mishmar is to support the exploration of personalized Jewish learning.

Campus Hours

School hours, unless listed otherwise on the calendar, are from 7:45am-5pm Monday-Thursday, 7:45am-1:45pm on Fridays and 8am-11:15am on Sundays. If you visit us please check in with the front office upon your arrival.


Our campus has a parking facility that you enter off of Whitsett between Albers and Chandler on the West side of the street. The facility is gated and you can be buzzed in during school hours. There is also street parking available on Chandler in front of the school.

Scheduling A Vist

If you would like to come by the school for a visit please call the office to arrange a time. We can be reached at (818) 505-7999