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“…For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.”

– Rudyard Kipling (1895)

Valley Torah High School understands the importance of athletics and the role it plays in enriching the academic and adolescent experience of its students. Athletics is integral to every student’s growth providing a platform to learn necessary life skills. Valley Torah High School offers multiple sports that compete on various levels. We are always seeking avenues to expand and improve our athletic department in order to foster a life-long commitment to health and fitness. We encourage students to participate in athletics and field highly competitive teams. We are the ONLY Jewish school in California to win a CIF championship and to have a John R. Wooden Player of the Year award winner. Our athletic department values commitment, sacrifice, leadership, hard-work, and discipline while also promoting proper Torah values. Student-Athletes are seen as ambassadors of the school, and therefore, are held to a higher academic and character standards. Go Wolfpack!

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